Monthly Archives: May 2014

My Blog

I haven’t been writing on this blog. I had all these grand ideas that I would write a blog about education, and it would help me to be a more motivated educator while also helping me professionally. But then I got busy with work, and I was overwhelmed by the courses I was taking to clear my credential, and I never felt the motivation. And so this blog has sat here, a relic of an aspiration.

Finally, this morning, I woke up with inspiration. I sat down at my computer and started typing. The words were flowing. I had to take a short break to go to work (I had to work a half day because it’s a Saturday workday). Then I came home and continued where I left off. 

I finished the blog post. But then I did something stupid. 

I left the webpage I had been writing it on. (I had been writing it on WordPress directly, where it says “New Post” and encourages you to just start writing). Obviously, this was a ridiculous thing to do. But I thought it had been saved as a draft, or I thought WordPress would save it automatically, or I thought…. well, you know how it goes. The post is gone.

So the post I was just about to post is gone. Should I give up blogging? Just when I was ready to get started again?


I am writing this now as a way to keep the momentum going. I really don’t feel like writing it all over again. But at least with this sad little post, I have something to keep me going.

Writing all about education isn’t working for me. Even though this blog was born as a blog about education, I am going to ret-con that idea and just write about whatever I feel like writing about. Since I am a teacher, it is likely that many of those posts are going to be about education. But this is me desperately trying to keep the patient alive. This blog might die. (Not that it had much of a life to begin with.)

So today I am going post this with the intention that I will start this blog again. Who knows what it will be about. Hopefully it will be interesting. At this point, no one is reading it except me so it doesn’t matter anyway. But I am going to try to make it happen.