The Beginning

This is the first post of my blog. I am excited to begin documenting my journey to becoming a more deliberate educator.

This blog will serve as a journal of my experiences as an educator. My goal with this blog is to become a more active teacher. I always tell my students that they need to be active learners, not passive learners. To me, this means that they take responsibility for improving themselves; they confront academic challenges with the intention of seizing the opportunity to grow, and they actively participate in their own education rather than waiting for a teacher to feed them knowledge. I also want to be an active learner for the purpose of becoming a better teacher. But as a teacher, I must use my learning to achieve my ultimate purpose: to help my students succeed. This blog will be a way for me to challenge myself to continue to seek knowledge about how to be a great educator and also to put the information I find into practice.

Because this is a blog, and because I want to encourage myself to post as much as possible, I am going to be less careful about how I present my ideas. The purpose is to get them onto the screen and to start documenting what I am doing. It might be messy sometimes, but my hope is that this blog will not be the final product – it will be part of the process. The final product will be what I do in the classroom. This blog is just a tool for helping me follow my own advice and become a teacher who actively strives to find growth opportunities so that I can have a greater chance at success in the classroom.

I am also interested in connecting with other teachers in the world. I hope that eventually, this blog can help me to join a great network of educators who share their experiences with the online world.

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